Spring Bank Staff Feature, Yahaira Peralta, Operations Clerk

As one of the few community banks in Bronx, New York, our team is the heart of our institution, each member contributing to the success of our mission. Today, we spotlight Yahaira Peralta, Operations Clerk, who has been an integral part of our team for the past three years.

Yahaira’s journey began as a teller during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the unusual and difficult circumstances, her dedication and passion for people’s financial wellness shone through. After three years of exceptional service, she was promoted to her current role as an Operations Clerk.

In her day-to-day responsibilities, Yahaira verifies checks, handles online banking, and assists with online account openings.  As we continue to grow, so do Yahaira’s responsibilities. She is enthusiastic about embracing new challenges and seizing opportunities to expand her knowledge base in the financial industry, including helping our clients by supporting them once they’ve opened a new business bank account.

“I miss working with our customers one-to-one, but now I am learning something new, and I am growing professionally at Spring Bank,” she says, reflecting on her promotion.

Banking has been a long-held dream for Yahaira since she moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Relocating to New York City fourteen years ago, Yahaira overcame language barriers and developed her career step by step.

“For me, banking has always been one of my dream professions. I saw people who could manage money and wanted to build that skill and offer it to others,” she says.

A friend recommended us to her, igniting her interest in community banking. One of her current goals is to continue working toward her bachelor’s degree, and she sees Spring Bank as a place to foster growth in various areas, especially within the operations department.

A deeply spiritual person, Yahaira believes that when you pursue something with all your heart, the universe helps to guide you. Her journey exemplifies this belief and is a testament to the values of dedication, growth, and community that define us here at Spring Bank.

“If you want something, you can get it. You just have to work hard for it,” Yahaira shares.

Customers at Spring Bank perceive our team as more than just bankers; they see us as part of their family. Yahaira values the personal connections she’s created with clients, allowing her to understand their unique needs and concerns.

“Customers come to you like you are a part of their inner circle. They see that we are here every day for them. They take the time to share their experiences and problems because they know we are going to take care of them. It’s nice that they can rely on us,” she shares empathically.

Working as a teller, Yahaira recalls her customers’ appreciation when they wanted to open a checking or open a personal savings account but didn’t meet the requirements, and she would work with them on the necessary steps to qualify. Her customers were grateful for the type of one-to-one guidance bigger banks in NY don’t typically offer.

“It’s good to open an account with us because we can closely monitor and manage your money — faster than a bigger bank. We see transactions daily and can provide customer service on the spot. We are more likely to avoid problems, such as fraud, with your account this way,” Yahaira says.

If you are ready to experience the exceptional service of a community-focused bank, contact us!  Stop by a branch or call us at (718) 879-5000.