Insured Deposits at Spring Bank

What does it mean for a deposit to be FDIC insured?

Spring Bank is an FDIC Insured Bank, meaning our customers’ deposits are insured up to $250,000. FDIC deposit insurance covers all types of deposits held at Spring Bank. If a customer holds multiple accounts at any single bank, insurance covers up to a total of $250,000 across all of the individual’s accounts within the bank.

If you have questions about your FDIC coverage, or would like to learn more about FDIC insurance and how it works, we encourage you to access the following resources or contact us directly to answer any question that you may have.

What if I want to keep deposits at Spring Bank that total more than $250,000 and still benefit from FDIC insurance?

Spring Bank is a participating community bank in the IntraFi network. As part of this network, Spring Bank offers customer access to FDIC insurance for larger dollar deposits.

  • When you place funds at Spring Bank using the Intrafi network, your deposit is divided into amounts below the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000 and placed in deposit accounts at other network banks. You can choose to have funds placed in CDs, Money Market, Checking or Savings accounts knowing that both your principal deposit and accrued interest are eligible for FDIC insurance coverage.
  • By working directly with just one network bank — Spring Bank — you will access FDIC coverage from many banks in the network, while having the convenience of transparent, detailed statements from Spring Bank that cover details for each account type. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your principal balance and the interest you earn are protected, all while investing in your community.


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