Introducing Zelle: a safe, fast, and easy way to send money to friends, family, and other people you trust.

We’re excited to bring a new service to our personal checking and personal savings account customers!

As a local bank in NY, we know time is money. With Zelle, it’s never been faster to pay rent, split a bill, or gift money. Zelle allows you to securely send money with just a phone number or email address, regardless of where the recipient banks. The money transfers directly from your bank account to the receiver. No fees, no hassle – it’s that easy.

To access this convenient feature, start by making sure that you have our Spring Bank app downloaded on your phone. Next, tap “+” at the bottom of the screen, select the Zelle® icon, and then enroll your U.S. mobile number or email address. Now you’re ready to start sending and receiving money with Zelle.

Zelle is a safe way to send and receive money. You can use Zelle confidently, knowing your personal checking and personal savings account information is secure.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Zelle:

  1. Only send money to people you trust. You can’t cancel a payment once you send it. Be sure to only send money to people you know and trust.
  2. Beware of payment scams. Your money is not protected from product or service purchases. If you’re not sure that you’ll get what you paid for, we recommend using a payment method with purchase protection (like credit cards).
  3. Treat Zelle like cash. Once you send it, it belongs to the recipient. Be sure to double-check the recipient’s phone number or email address for spelling errors.

Sending money shouldn’t be difficult and with Zelle, it’s easy to transfer money to friends, family, and people you trust without handling cash. Enroll in Zelle today to start sending and receiving money straight from your bank account. Have more questions about Zelle? Visit our frequently asked questions page or give us a call.