Cyber Safety Tips For Traveling

Follow these simple steps to stay safe while traveling:


Avoid free Wi-fi. Public Wi-fi is often unsecure and can expose your devices to hackers. Instead, use a VPN or use your phone as a hotspot when going online.

Confirm your network. Be sure to confirm that the name of the network is legitimate and verify login procedures with staff.

Disable auto-connect on your devices. If your mobile phone or tablet automatically connect to wireless networks or Bluetooth devices, disable auto-connect and connect manually when you wish to use them.

Secure your devices. Keep track of your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and accessories — especially while on the go. Don’t leave your devices unattended in public places.

Avoid shared computers. If using computers at hotel business centers and other places that offer shared systems, avoid making purchases, logging into email, or using websites that require you to enter your personal information. You cannot verify that the systems have been updated with current security software or if the devices are safe.