Great Ideas Come From Spring Bank: American Banker

Of the best “Ideas for 2015,” at least one of them comes from the Bronx. More importantly our Borrow-And-Save loan has caught the attention of customers throughout New York. Who are we helping? Customers who would otherwise go to rent-to-own stores, pawn shops, loan sharks and online pay-day lenders. Or anyone who may not have a long credit history and is looking for a flexible, short term loan at a fair rate.

We’re advocates for affordable finance. We take a firm stand for affordability, for planning, and for responsible, basic banking, and we stand with our customers against predatory lenders. American banker quotes us:

“If we come out with a sustainable, responsible product, we’re going to cut the legs out from under some of these products, says Brian Blake, Vice President at Spring Bank.”

Here’s the whole story – we hope you enjoy!American Banker Magazine - January 2015 - Page 20-21 - Google Chrome_2015-02-19_11-55-22