Brian Owens, owner of Crave Fishbar, says the financial services have been well-received by the more than 50 employees at his restaurants in Midtown and the Upper West Side in New York City. Many workers in the New York City restaurant business are immigrants or people with aspirations in other career fields, Owens says, and they often are living paycheck to paycheck. EOL employer.

“I have all my accounts and all my loans with Spring Bank.”

“Spring Bank has helped me improve my credit. My financial life has changed; I’m calmer.”

“I’ve paid off $800 of my $1000 credit building loan and also have over $800 in savings,” said De La Rosa, who said her credit score, which once hovered around 500, has increased to about 700. “More people need to understand how important programs like these are,” said De La Rosa.‎ “It’s made a huge difference in my life.”

“I tried to get a loan on the street to solve my problems but when I did the math I saw that I will never finish paying off the loan.”

“I consolidated some of my debt, which wasn’t possible without Spring Bank’s loan and prevented a garnishment from occurring. My credit score has skyrocketed from poor to very good…”

“An Employee Opportunity Loan gives employees the opportunity to deal with a bank they can trust if they need to get a personal loan. Spring Bank has been a good partner and it is something that has been appreciated.” Connie Claymon, Chief Financial Officer of BronxWorks, a Bronx-based non profit

“I have been doing business with Spring Bank for years and I’ve always seen how they help the community and small businesses grow with exceptional customer service that makes you feel at home.”

“I just moved a new account to your bank. I am very grateful for the great customer service I received from everyone there, but especially Josefa. I am glad I was introduced to you. I continue to promote Spring Bank in my circles, because I believe in what you do for our community. I also appreciate the flexibility you have allowed me to have with my accounts–very grateful indeed. I am looking forward to continuing doing and expanding my business with Spring Bank.”

“Our relationship with Spring Bank has allowed us to increase our capacity and The Micro Line of Credit allows us to say yes to more opportunities!” says Aisha Norris, Executive Director of DREAM!, a Bronx-based non-profit.