Spring Bank Helps More People Every Day

In May 2015, Spring Bank went over the $100,000 mark with its Credit Builder, Borrow-And-Save and Employee Opportunity Loans. Spring Bank’s commitment to providing affordable credit to borrowers in the Bronx and Harlem is bearing fruit. Over 70 borrowers have received Spring Bank small dollar loans and here are just a few of the results:

    • A Credit Builder loan customer went from no credit score to a score of 660 in six months.


  • A  Borrow-And-Save loan customer paid off an on-line payday loan that had a rate over 200%.



  • One of our Employee Empowerment Loan borrowers from BOOM!Health was overcome (we assume with tears of joy ) when she learned that she would have the funds to pay for her daughter’s school tuition.


Kudos to all our staff and community partners for making these programs a success!