When you move your money from Bank of America, Spring Bank donates $100 to Ariva Financial literacy partner, Ariva makes a woman smile as she receives support and care

Last week, when Bank of America raised their fees, they created an outpouring of frustration from their customers and the change makers in our city working toward the financial inclusion of all people. We put out a call to move your money and bank local—whether that is with community banks, credit unions or B Corp banks like us. Why? Because when you bank local, you can be sure that your money is circulated within your city, spurring the growth of small businesses and community impact. When you bank with smaller financial institutions, like us, who offer small consumer loans, your deposits help support the financial well-being and wealth-building of people typically excluded from banks.

The movement toward financial inclusion of all people is rapidly growing. We are proud to be part of it. To demonstrate our commitment to financial inclusion in New York City, we are offering a deal to current Bank of America customers. During the month of February, bring in your Bank of America bank statement to either one of our branches of the account you intend to close, verbally communicate that you will close this account, open an account with us, make a deposit and we will donate $100 to financial literacy in New York City through our nonprofit partner, Ariva. For over 15 years, Ariva has been working hard to empower low-income New Yorkers with effective tools and resources so they can make informed financial decisions and achieve economic stability.

Take advantage of the power of your dollar to empower your community and bank local. Now is the time to move your money out of big corporate banks like Bank of America and into the flourishing of your neighborhood. We hope you’ll take advantage of this offer. Call us at 718-879-5000 to open your account or for more information.