Happy Employees equal happy worksplaces

It goes without saying that healthy, supported and happy employees create great places to work. When people are happy, they are more efficient and creative. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about how the financial health of employees plays a big role in their overall well-being and happiness—and directly correlates to the bottom line of their employer.

As part of our mission to support the health of our city, we are proud to support local businesses and nonprofits as they support their employees. Through our collaboration with Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, New York employers can now offer your employees free, financial counseling and access to our Employee Opportunity Loan which helps employees bridge the occasional gap between unexpected expenses and available savings. Designed to support the financial stability, health, productivity and overall vibrancy of employees and serve as a voluntary financial benefit for New York employers, The Financial Empowerment Program offers the following, free benefits:

  • Free, Financial Counseling. As the largest provider of financial services to nonprofits in New York City, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners provides financial counseling services via phone, Skype, and mobile. The service offers each employee a trusted relationship and action-oriented counseling. Normally priced at a minimum of $20,000, this service is free to your employees.
  • Employee Opportunity Loan Up to $2500 with no minimum credit score requirement, this Spring Bank personal loan offers your employees security when an emergency arises. The Employee Opportunity Loan eliminates the need for payroll advances and with on-time payments, helps employees build credit and save money, too. Payments are directly deposited from payroll to a savings account.

We found that financial counseling when supported by access to an affordable, small-dollar loan provides a comprehensive financial health benefit. Oh, and did we mention that The Financial Empowerment Program is free to employers? Zero costs to employers. Zero set-up hassle. Via our fintech tool, we take care of all the details.  For more information contact our Director of Consumer Lending, Melanie Stern at [email protected] or 718-879-5198.