Part of the reason we became a B Corp is because we’d heard about the collaborative and generous community. Other B Corps told us again and again, “a huge benefit to taking on the certification process is the connection to this tribe.” It is a tribe indeed. You just know that you can reach out, rely on and even find “interdependence”—as was the theme of this year’s Champion Retreat—in other B Corps. So, when Vicki Bohlsen of the Bohlsen Group—the first certified B Corp in Indiana—invited us to participate in the inaugural season of her podcast “Taking Care in Business,” of course we said yes. We had a great time speaking with her. Melanie Stern, our Director of Consumer Lending and Demetris Giannoulias, our CEO, share about the last ten years of financial inclusion in our beloved Bronx community.

You can download Episode 5 here and subscribe to the weekly podcast Taking Care in Business here. Thank you, Vicki and the team at Bohlsen Group for this opportunity. B Corps unite!