Business eBanking

Welcome to your new Business Online Banking Platform

Dear Valued Client,

As part of our commitment to remain on the leading edge of banking technology, we are pleased to announce that we are upgrading our Cash Management Service. Our new system will help us continue to provide the service you have come to expect, offering the most up-to-date products and solutions.
We want you to be aware of these changes and ask that you read this letter carefully to help ensure the transition to our new system causes you as little disruption as possible. We have outlined the timeline, affected services and temporary limitations below.

Online Banking Access

When the new site becomes available on Monday, 03/07/2022 at 8:00 AM ET you may access the new Online Banking site at . Please select Business eBanking or access directly through the following link If you require assistance logging in, please contact our Client Services Department at 1.800.374.6186.

Internal Account Transfers / ACH Scheduled and Recurring Transfers

Please re-establish your recurring internal account transfers and ACH Scheduled or Recurring transfers in the new system.

Online Transaction History

On the morning of 03/07/2022, you will have access to transaction history in the new Online Banking system. Loan and CD data will be available beginning 03/08/2022. Statements and images will be available as of 03/07/2022.

Account Downloads – Quicken and QuickBooks

You will need to perform a few steps to redirect to the new system. Please contact your customers service representative for detailed instructions. The instructions will also be available in the following page

Account Alerts

Account Alerts will not convert. Therefore, you will need to add those once you have logged in to the new system.

Security Questions

The Security Challenge Questions that you currently have set up will not be retained through the Conversion. Instead, you will be asked to validate your sign on through out of band authentication. You will receive a text message or phone call at the phone number on file. A code will be provided that must be utilized to sign on to Business eBanking. Prior to conversion, please ensure Spring Bank has your most up to date contact information including phone numbers for all users that will sign into our new Busines eBanking previously called Cash Management.

“How Do I”

This feature will help you familiarize yourself with the new system by simply clicking on the How Do I button on the bottom of most screens.


If you should have any challenges logging in to the new system or have any questions regarding these exciting changes, please call or email our client services department.

  • [email protected]
  • 1.800.374.6186
  • Mon to Fri: 8 AM to 9 PM, Closed on Weekends and Federal Holidays.

We are pleased to offer you this new Business eBanking system, and we are confident that you will agree that the improvements will be worth the extra steps involved in this upgrade.

Thank you as always for being our customer !