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A Small Business Grant Recovery Program for NYC Nonprofits

Apr 28, 2021

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), supporting nonprofits and small businesses is fundamental to our mission. One of the ways we prioritize community-based organizations is through our membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY). The…

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Chelsea Restoration: Preserving the Arts in New York City Together

Mar 30, 2021

A Small Business PPP Story New York City has long been known as a national and international artistic beacon. While the numerous theatres, museums, concert halls, and galleries are the lifeblood of our city, there are also, behind the scenes,…

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The Bronx Museum of the Arts Celebrates 50 Years!

Mar 24, 2021

For 50 years, The Bronx Museum of the Arts has been an institutional pillar, at the forefront of arts and culture, racial and social justice, and immortalizing our borough’s rich culture. This year, the Museum Arts celebrates 50 years and…

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Happy B Corp Month: Celebrating 5 Years in the Movement!

Mar 17, 2021

March 2021 marks one year of living in times of COVID-19, changing our city and our world as we knew it. It is also B Corp month—and our 5th B Corp anniversary! Certified B Corporations believe business can and should…

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JobsFirstNYC Creates Multistakeholder Collaborative & Access in the Bronx

Mar 05, 2021

JobsFirstNYC, a workforce, and community development organization, has worked for over a decade to support New York City’s most vulnerable populations. Part of their mission is to help young people disenfranchised from work and education due to systemic racism and…

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A Proud Member of The Jerome Avenue Revitalization Collaborative (JARC)

Feb 22, 2021

Standing Together for the Communities of the Bronx In 2018 the Jerome Avenue Corridor was rezoned. Spanning 93 blocks across the South Bronx, the corridor comprises 700 businesses and 93,000 residents. As the most extensive rezoning in our city’s history,…

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Business Checking Account

Feb 18, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, we have helped dozens of small businesses and organizations across New York City acquire loans to keep their doors open. But you don’t have to wait until the next emergency to build a relationship with us–your local…

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Open a Bank Account with Us Remotely

Feb 10, 2021

Having a bank account­– whether it’s a business checking account or a personal savings account­–is critical to maintaining a healthy financial life. The economic downturn combined with the health crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a reminder of the importance…

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Supporting Our Neighbors

Feb 08, 2021

A Recent Feature of Josefa Ruiz, our Branch Manager, in Independent Banker. We take great pride in being headquartered in a city built and powered by immigrants. Nearly 40 percent of New York City’s residents are foreign-born. Immigrants not only…

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Maintenance-Free Checking & Lending Options for Nonprofits

Feb 02, 2021

As a mission-driven, community-based bank, we prioritize our neighbors and the unique financial needs of the Bronx and Harlem and communities throughout New York. Since the day we opened our doors in the Bronx over thirteen years ago, we have…

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3 Reasons to Bank with a CDFI (Like Us!)

Jan 25, 2021

A few weeks into 2021, and as President Joe Biden reminded us in his inaugural speech, we have hard work ahead of us. With businesses shuttered, hospitals overwhelmed, and streets empty, and as we confront this winter wave of COVID-19,…

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CDFIs on the Front Lines of Emergency Lending

Jan 22, 2021

For the last fourteen years, we have worked tirelessly to provide affordable financial products that enhance economic opportunity for all people in New York City. Soon after we became the first bank headquartered in The Bronx, we obtained federal certification…

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