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3 Reasons Why You Need A Business Checking Account

May 19, 2022

Photo: Small Business Client & one of NYC’s newest Mediterranean restaurant chains, Naya with Akbar Rizvi, our Chief Lending Officer Are you thinking about starting your own business? Bringing a product or service you’re passionate about to market is a…

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Support Your Employees: Pamela’s E-Bike Loan NYC Story

May 04, 2022

“I live at the bottom of a hill. With my old, non-electric bicycle, I used to push it up that hill, then again and again because my neighborhood has a lot of hills. I was practically pushing it all the…

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Having a Human Experience: In Conversation with John Lakis, Loan Officer at Spring Bank

Apr 21, 2022

“There’s someone who can relate to you here. Especially in this age of mega-corporations and automated processes, I think having a human experience with a financial institution is rare.” – John Lakis, Loan Officer here at Spring Bank We don’t…

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Happy Earth Day!

Apr 18, 2022

Here at Spring Bank, we’re proud to be a B Corporation which means balancing purpose with profit. We are just as committed to serving our customers and helping the planet as we are to our bottom line. With Earth Day…

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Women & Credit: Tips to Build a Prosperous Financial Future

Apr 14, 2022

In partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness For many years, research has shown that women in the U.S. are approved for less than men when applying for credit products. Women are also more likely to have their applications denied. These facts…

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Living by Our Values, Front & Center A Proud B Corp for 6 Years & Counting

Mar 23, 2022

“Being a B Corp allows us to keep our core values front & center. When you run a business day-to-day, it’s tempting to take the easiest path to profitability. Having the B Corp principles and B Corp metrics ingrained into…

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The Tapestry of New York: On Building – and Rebuilding – a Family Healthcare Business

Mar 21, 2022

“In this city, if you want it, you’ve got to go for it!” – Furkhunda Rizvi, Managing Director at MaxWell Health As a community bank in Bronx, NY, we know that life in New York City is fast-paced and exciting!…

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Introducing The E-Bike Loan NYC!

Mar 17, 2022

The Newest Offering of Our Employee Opportunity Program “The process is fintech-enabled, so participating is simple both for the employer and the borrower.” – Melanie Stern, our Director of Consumer Lending Offer Your Employees Reliable & Affordable Transportation We are…

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3 Tried & True Facts About Personal Finances

Mar 08, 2022

In partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness No matter your age or stage in life, it pays to know the facts about personal finances. You can set yourself up for success and build a healthy financial future when you understand the…

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Living Our Mission: Featuring Diana Ravagnan, BSA Officer

Feb 24, 2022

“It’s very important, as a Bronx-based bank, to have a mission and continue to honor that mission. – Diana Ravagnan, BSA Officer at Spring Bank As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we’re not just a bank. We are also…

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The Bronx is A Place Where Everything Is Possible: In Conversation with Rocking the Boat

Feb 16, 2022

“You don’t have to go anywhere or be anyone different to do extraordinary things. You can be an extraordinary person. Those capacities are already within you and already within your community. And the Bronx is a place where that’s possible.”…

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Hope for NYC Workers: Partnering with The HOPE Program on the Equitable Commute Project

Feb 10, 2022

Did you know New York City still has “transportation deserts?” These are places across the five boroughs where public transport options are few and far between if they exist at all.  With over one million frontline workers commuting across the…

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